Kang Dong Ho Tranforms into CN Blue’s Yonghwa

Actor Kang Dong Ho transformed into an attractive rock star on SBS “Actor Pop Star.”

SBS “Actor Pop Star” is a Lunar New Year special show and a singing audition program that allows real actors and actresses to showcase their multiple talents as performers and singers.

In the episode of SBS Lunar New Year show “Actor Pop Star,” which was broadcast on January 24,  actor Kang Dong Ho performed CN Blue‘s hit song “LOVE” and showed off his amazing vocals by successfully turning into CN Blue’s flower boy Yonghwa.

Although he started off shy, he gained more confidence as the audience cheered him on.

Although we couldn’t find the full video of his performance, you can get a glimpse of his performance in the preview and the next video below.


CNBLUE’s performance of “LOVE”

In the same episode, child actress Jung Da Bin performed IU’s “You & I.” You can watch her cute performance and IU’s reaction below.

What do you think of their performances?