Celebrity Self-Shot Lesson 1: Be Wary of IU

What do you get when you compare a boulder to a pebble? Well, for one you get an unexpectedly humorous photo and a saying. So what is this saying you may ask? Very simple, unless you’re also about the size of a pebble: Don’t take a self-shot with IU, less you suffer from unfair comparisons. The latest victim to IU’s vastly small proportions is comedian Kim Ji Ho, famous for playing the role of a barbarian in the comedy program “Gag Concert.”

Unexpectedly hilarious

Kim Ji Ho posted the above photo with the Tweet, “During the Lunar New Year’s Special with the National Sister you want to protect, IU. I love you IU ^^^ IU is the best!” The two of them appeared in the Lunar New Year’s program, “The crown princess project – the rebirth of the crown.” In the picture is IU in a lovely hanbok resting on the shoulders of Kim Ji Ho. Unfortunately, the most noticeable aspect of the picture is the size comparison between IU and Kim Ji Ho’s head.

External from soompi image
Not everyone falls victim to IU’s small size

I guess you can say Kim Ji Ho really is a true comedian, providing laughs in even the most unexpected of situations. Luckily Yoo Seung Ho faired a bit better in his photo shoot with IU we mentioned a few days back. My question to Soompi readers is this: How is it possible to have such a small head? And will IU’s vastly small proportions cause more unexpected humour in the future? Sound away in the comments below.