Who’s the Highest Paid Actor in Korea?

Which Korean actor gets paid the most per episode? It’s none other than the veteran actor Lee Byung Hun.

According to Jung Tae Won, the CEO of Taewon Entertainment, Lee Byung Hun is the undisputed, highest-paid actor in Korea. On the January 25 episode of Channel A’s “Shocking,” Jung Tae Won said, “The highest paid actor in Korea is no doubt Lee Byung Hun. When I wrote the script for ‘Iris,’ I had Lee Byung Hun in mind the whole time.” Lee Byung Hun later accepted the lead male role for the drama series and satisfied the whole production team.

Back then, Lee Byung Hun was reported to have received 25 million won ($20,000~USD) per episode. But it’s believed that he also got a guaranteed bonus of 1.2 billion won ($1.1 million~ USD) from the Japanese producers.

Jung Tae Won is one of the most influential executives in the Korean entertainment industry. He’s produced more than 30 blockbuster TV series and movies, including the “Iris” series and “Glory of the Family,” and has imported over 700 foreign acts as well. He was also responsible for organizing the first Michael Jackson concert in Korea back in 1996.