"Shut Up: Flower Boy Band" Changes Seo Kyung Jong’s Character Because of Kim Min Suk

Producers of tvN‘s new mini-series, “Shut Up: Flower Boy Band,” have revealed that they have changed the original character concept for Seo Kyung Jong after casting “Super Star K3” contestant Kim Min Suk

Producer Bae Jong Byung of the CJ E&M drama production team revealed, “During the casting process of Kim Min Suk, we changed the character of Seo Kyung Jong. Kim Min Suk is originally from Busan so we decided to change Seo Kyung Jong to have a tough Kyungsangdo background. Kim Min Suk is absolutely perfect for the group.” 

Seo Kyung Jong is the pretty boy keyboardist of the band that grew up in the fish markets of Busan before moving to Seoul in his freshman year of high school. 

The producer continued, “When we first gave a casting offer to Kim Min Suk, all of the officials showed a positive response, saying he was the perfect fit.” 

Kim Min Suk first got his name and face known to the public through Mnet‘s “Super Star K3.” Although he was eliminated, he’ll finally be making his official debut as an actor in the entertainment industry through “Shut Up: Flower Boy Band.” 

The drama begins airing on January 30th. 

Check out this video of him with his fellow “F4” contestants (he was a “flower boy” even then) that got eliminated giving a special performance on the semi-finals (he’s the 2nd guy).