Rapper "Outsider" to Get Married in March

Rapper Outsider, who’s best known for his insanely speedy rapping abilities, has announced that he will be getting married next month!

They’ve set March 31 as the official date they’ll be tying the knot at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Nonhyun-dong, Seoul. His girlfriend, who’s a year older than him, was revealed before his army enlistment six months ago last year. The two reportedly met at a performance and instantly fell in love upon first sight. 

Through his fancafe on January 27, Outsider wrote, “I’m getting married. In my period of isolation while serving in the army, I lost work and friends, passion and love, and many other precious things. I felt like I had lost my path and was wondering aimlessly. There was one person, however, that embraced my cold body and heart with her own warmth, and it is that person whom I hope to spend the rest of my life with whether in pain or loneliness.” 

His fiance is currently the director of a dance team and has been dating Outsider for six months. 

Congratulations to the couple, and check out some of Outsider’s work if you’re unfamiliar with one of the greatest figures of Korean hip hop!