IU to Appear on "Dream High2" As a Cameo

IU’s appearance on “Dream High 2” wasn’t planned ahead of time. She will be appearing as the role of “Kim Pil Sook,” a senior of Girin high school.

The main character “Hae Sung” (Portrayed by Kang Sora) will appear at a broadcasting station in order to watch a performance of Eden. Due to the fact that the Eden idol members are minors, their concert is about to get cancelled and “Hae Sung” is trying to prevent that. At the broadcasting station, “Hae Sung” runs into IU’s character.

When “Hae Sung” runs into IU’s character, she asks for an autograph. Basically it is a meeting between the main character of Season 1 and Season 2!

The production team was thankful for IU’s cameo appearance and told her, “Next time we will officially invite you as a cameo.” IU’s reply was, “Please contact me again.”

The first episode of “Dream High 2” will broadcast on January 30.