Does YG Entertainment Manage Comedians Too?

On the most recent recording for MBC Every1’sWeekly Idol,” the program’s “Real Chart! Idol Self ranking” segment featured a special phone call with Big Bang’s G-Dragon

Recently, G-Dragon won first place in a poll by idol members ranking the most “luxurious auras” amongst fellow idols. The show has a tradition of connecting a call to the final winner. Comedian Jung Hyung Don attempted to call G-Dragon at first but realized that he didn’t have his number. Thus, he ended up calling YG Entertainment

An official of the company explained, “I see G-Dragon often, so I will make sure to tell him that he won the poll. Please give Big Bang your support. I am also a fan of Jung Hyung Don.” 

Jung Hyung Don half-jokingly replied, “Does YG pick up comedians? I don’t have an agency yet. If you take me, I promise that I won’t say I’m a part of YG Entertainment!” 

The official drew out laughter from the studio by responding, “I’ll make sure to tell the CEO!” 

After this conversation was made public, local media StarIn contacted Yang Hyun Suk, the founder and chairman of YG Entertainment. He said, “If Jung Hyung Don was serious about his comment, we’ll positively consider signing a management contract with him. Everyone at our company, including myself, are huge fans of Jung Hyung Don. Actually, if he comes, we would be more thankful.”

In fact, YGE currently has non-musicians under contract, including Yoo In Na, Jung Hye Young, and Kang Hye Jung. Will they expand into the comedian market too?