Who Wore It Better: Jung Ryeo Won or Uee?

Jung Ryeo Won has the ideal S-line shaped body. Her distinctive fashion style is at the forefront of the trends. Uee comes equipped with her long legs and honey thighs, not to mention her style which is tasteful yet distinct.

Not long ago, Jung Ryeo Won and Uee were caught wearing the same embellished long skirt along with a sheer top. Back in December 22 of last year, she wore the white-collared blouse to a press conference for SBS’s drama, “Salaryman Chohanji.” Uee sported the same outfit during a photo shoot for the January issue of fashion magazine “Elle.

The outfit chosen by Jung Ryeo Won and Uee is the work of famous New York designer, Marc Jacobs from his 2011 Fall/ Winter collection. The thin black blouse is juxtaposed with its white collar and padded sleeves. Continuing with the theme of contrasts, the front of the blouse is adorned with ruffles which exude femininity.

The high-waist skirt has an Asian feel to it. The contrast in the design is beautiful as the pale pink skirt is amazingly detailed with embroidered black flowers. The detail of black skill bands wrapped tightly around the ankles added to the sophisticated flair of the ensemble.

Jung Ryeo Won’s skin was slighted exposed through the black sheer blouse. The mid-length skirt helped to display her long, thin legs. Her hair was tied into a ponytail hairstyle adding to her elegant appearance.

Uee looked like a doll on the cover of “Elle.” She was holding a Barbie doll. She wore the sheer blouse which her thin arms were exposed through the sleeves. The photo gave off an overall alluring vibe. The details of the rings in a variety of shapes and sizes along with pink lipstick and her painted nails all added to the doll like effect.

Now is your turn to weight in. Who do you feel wore it better – Jung Ryeo Won or Uee?