Block B’s Tracklist and Album Cover Revealed for "Welcome to the Block"

With a week left till Block B’s second mini-album, “Welcome to the Block,” their agency Brand New Stardom has revealed some new information regarding the album.

If February 2 isn’t coming fast enough for you maybe this will help (or perhaps it will only exacerbate things). BNS will have two versions of the mini-album available for purchase. One will be a special edition while the other is a normal version. The special edition includes the group’s latest CD, along with a poster and a 44 page photo-booklet, while the normal edition will have the group’s CD as well as a smaller photo-book.

The mini-album will made up of five completely new songs, plus an instrumental version of the group’s latest title track, bringing the total number of songs to six. The title track will be “I Go Crazy” which was, once again, penned by Block B’s own prolific leader Zico.

Pre-orders are now being taken for “Welcome to the Block.” If you’re interested, be sure to check out here for the details. 

Here is what the entire track list looks like:

1) LOL
2) I Go Crazy
3) Did You Do It Or Not?
4) 100% in Synch
5) Action
6) I Go Crazy (Instrumental)

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