9 Muses Grace The Runway in Japan

Recently, a picture of a Korean designer Lee Sang Bong with the modelesque group 9 Muses has surfaced online. On January 25, Lee Sang Bong uploaded a picture on his twitter with the text, “ 9 Muses have just finished their fitting for the upcoming fashion show. The ‘Japan Girls Collection’ show will take place in Shibuya, Japan, with approximately 12,000 guests attending.” The photo was of the group 9 Muses with Lee Sang Bong.

They have come together as fashion designer and models to take part in the 1st Japan-Korea joint fashion show event known as, Korean International Style Show (KISS). The event spans over three days, from January 25 through January 27.

With bodies that even current models would be jealous of, 9 Muses (also known as Nine Models) looked beautiful in Lee Sang Bong’s designs. The girls even took the time to understand how the designer, Lee Sang Bong, wanted to portray art through fashion, and took that to heart as they delivered an excellent fashion performance. People who attended the rehearsal praised them saying that they were like flowers on the runway.  

Other than the Nine Muse, the opening act for KISS included singers like SNSD, KARA, T-ara, BEAST, CNBlue, 4Minute, FT Island, Secret, Infinite, After School, Rainbow, SISTAR, and other Hallyu stars. They are expected to spread Korean fashion and culture throughout Japan.