Boyfriend’s Donghyun Dresses Maknae Minwoo in Drag

The members of Boyfriend dressed up in some outfits fans aren’t used to seeing for their latest recording of their Mnet reality program, “Boyfriend’s W Military Academy.”

Since the program is focused on training Boyfriend to become global idols, the boys were asked to come up with unique, eye-catching concepts that will help their international fans recognize them better. 

According to the producers, leader Donghyun styled the members himself in various concepts like “beastly,” ‘rich,’ “gentlemen,” and perhaps the most unique one of them all, “drag” for maknae Minwoo. He eagerly said, “I think he’ll be really pretty if we dress him in drag.” 

The boys also styled themselves to express a bit of their personalities. Their individual cuts will be made into UCC videos to be shown to international fans on Global Mnet. 

The episode will air on January 27th at 6 PM.