BoM Heads to All-Girl High Schools

Rookie ballad group BoM has revealed that they will be holding a free concert at an all girls’ high school!

On January 27, officials of Y2Y Contents Company announced, “Students can sign their schools up if they want BoM to come perform at their school. Each week, we will be picking one special school to perform at for free.”

“We’ll be holding these free concerts from February to March. The concerts will be during the weekdays when the students are at school, and we will work our best to come to an agreement with the schools in advance,” the official continued.

Regarding expanding the idea, they also revealed, “We’re planning on collaborating with other charity organizations to be of any help we can. We hope that people will take an interest in our performances at these high schools.” 

Be sure to catch BoM performing “Heart, Feelings” on “Music Bank” and “Music Core” this week!

Check out their music video for “Dear Feelings, Dear Heart.”