Lee Jung Jae Helps Clear Credit Card Debt for Woo Jong Wan

Creative director and entertainer Woo Jong Wan confessed that his close friend, actor Lee Jung Jae, once helped him out with credit card debt. Appearing on KBS 2TV “Happy Together Season 3,” Woo Jong Wan explained that his sartorial love caused him to spend money extravagantly on expensive clothes.  

When his regular income could no longer support his love for clothes, Woo Jong Wan turned to credit cards and loans to support his shopping habits. However, he had gone too far with credit cards as he was unable to pay debt and yet, he did not want to sell his clothes back. When Lee Jung Jae saw his friend in trouble, he came to the rescue. He paid for Woo’s credit card debt. Woo Jong Wan added, “I don’t shop like that anymore since I’m getting old.” 

Woo Jong Wan is a creative art director most famous for the 90’s fashion brand, “Nix.” He designed the jeans and came up with the moniker, “Go So Young Jeans,” which became an instant hit in the industry.