Kim Hee Sun Reveals Her Diet after Pregnancy

Actress Kim Hee Sun revealed her diet technique in losing her pregnancy weight.

Kim Hee Sun was a guest for an episode of tvN’s Taxi” that aired on January 26. On it, she explained her special method in losing the extra weight she gained during her pregnancy.

Kim Hee Sun and her husband both appeared for tvN “Taxi.”

Kim Hee Sun confessed, “During my pregnancy, I weighed more than 170 pounds.” She continued to reveal, “After I had my daughter, I ate mostly meat for eight meals a day” surprising the MCs. However, after the birth of her child, Kim Hee Sun succeeded in losing all her excess weight.

The method?

It was breastfeeding.

Through breastfeeding, she was able to lose the excess pounds and now weigh only 110 pounds. She also stated that because she was breastfeeding, she also had to stop drinking alcohol for close to a year. When the MC mentioned that mothers usually don’t breastfeed because they fear it would destroy their body (as in make it unflattering), Kim Hee Sun adamantly declared the fallacy as false, saying, “In order to gain a more beautiful body, you must breastfeed.”

Not only did she divulge in her secret to weight loss, Kim Hee Sun also revealed her four year old daughter, Yeon Ah’s voice in the show. With the voice, Kim Hee Sun disclosed to the MC’s, “My adorable daughter has a crush on Song Yoon Ah’s son, Seung Yoon.”