T-ara’s Soyeon Was a Bully and Bullied in School

T-ara‘s Soyeon shared her own experiences regarding bullying on jTBC “Idol Preview“s Girl Group Special. She confessed, “I used to be a bully and also was bullied.” She explained, “The general atmosphere within the classroom was to bully each other constantly. It’s almost as if kids were taking turns to be a bully and be bullied.”  

She emphasized that she understands the importance and severity of bullying as she had been a part of it. She added, “I learned about retribution from my experience of bullying and being bullied. All the emotional distresses I had caused to someone else in the end came back to me.” Comedian Kim Young Chul agreed with Soyeon’s comment on retribution. He said, “What goes around, comes around.” 

The full explanation regarding Soyeon’s experiences with bullying is scheduled to air on January 27 on “Idol Preview.”