SBS K-Pop Star Reveals Training Methods Behind SM, JYP, and YG

Currently besides their outstanding contestants and also popular judges, “SBS K-Pop Star” is also differentiating from other audition programs by having training programs in each respective agency: SM, YG, and JYP.

A lot of attention is being focused on the show now because portions of the training method for each agency will be revealed. A representative of the show stated, “Just as the three judges have their own unique ness, the training system of the three agencies is also very different.”

YG focuses on “One Point Lessons” where K-Pop stars work one on one with the contestants. Big Bang’s Taeyang and Dae Sung, 2NE1’s CL and Park Bom will make an appearance.
JYP had a Spartan lesson where he consistently worked with the contestants. A lot of the contestants and show staff were surprised at JYP’s passion.

SM had “1:1 Matched Lessons” where each contestant would talk about their hardships while going through training. BoA would meet with each contestant and give them warm advice.