What Do Han Ga In & Shrek’s Puss In Boots Have in Common?

On January 27, a picture of Han Ga In from a scene of her latest drama, “The Moon that Embraces the Sun,” was posted online.

In the picture, Han Ga In is making a disappointed yet adorable expression, with her lips pouted and her eyes wide open, similar to a certain cat we all know.

Next to Han Ga In’s picture, Shrek’s adorable Banderas cat Puss In Boots shows off his wide-eyed and most innocent expression.

After seeing the comparison, netizens commented, “I was surprised to see her look so pretty in this scene. She is even cute,”  “And yes, she’s married. She’s Shrek Puss In Boots’ puppy version,”  and “This is a face full of persuasion.”

Which one do you think is the cutest? Can Han Ga In compete with Puss In Boots?