Earlier this week, we reported that T-ara’s Eunjung suffered a knee injury that will need six weeks for a full recovery. It’s been revealed that she had to cancel her “We Got Married (WGM)” recording for this week because of her injury.

A representative of Core Contents Media stated, “She injured her knee on the day of the recording. Eunjung was in a very bad condition, and her injury was severe, requiring six weeks to recover. As a result, we sought understanding from the crew and had to cancel last minute.” He added, “Eunjung will return to filming as scheduled next week. We will monitor her health and recovery and seek proper filming accommodations as needed.”

Currently, Eunjung and actor Lee Jang Woo are a make-believe married couple on the popular reality show “We Got Married Season 3.” On Tuesday, January 24, Eunjung slipped on ice and broke her kneecap on her way home following a practice session for T-ara’s latest track “Lovey Dovey.”