IU Impresses with "Three Level High Notes" on Japanese TV Debut

On January 26, IU made her first TV appearance in Japan on NHK BS “HOT@ASIA.” The show featured IU’s Japanese showcase which took place previously on January 24 at Tokyo Shibuya Bunkamura Orchard Hall. What drew the most attention from the showcase was IU’s infamous “three-level high notes” from her song “Good Day,” which is known as the “three-level booster” in Japan. The show repeatedly played the “three-level booster” and had special graphics indicating when and where the three-level high notes took place.


Moreover, IU got a standing ovation from the hostess of the show when she sang “Loving You” by Minnie Riperton live on her guitar. “HOT@ASIA” emphasized the fact that IU is a solo-artist and a singer-songwriter unlike other K-Pop idols that debuted in Japan. The show praised IU’s powerful and expressive vocal.  

A renowned journalist and a K-Pop specialist, Huruya Misayuki, was also featured on the show to analyze what IU is bringing to Japan in terms of K-Pop in general. He first shared his acclamations of IU’s performances at the showcase. He commented, “In 2012, K-Pop is going to transform from being a visual entertainment to audio (or audio-visual) entertainment. And this transformation heavily relies on IU’s success in Japan.” 

Throughout the show, IU interacted in rather fluent Japanese. She understood most of the questions asked and tried her best to answer in Japanese as well. She limited speaking through the interpreter and asked for help only when she had to say the most complicated things. Even when she made grammar or pronunciation mistakes, she redeemed herself with quick and cute remarks rather than panicking. Considering that IU could barely speak a few words in Japanese in an interview three months prior to this interview on “HOT@ASIA,” this is a drastic improvement and some fans are hoping to see her on Japanese variety shows now.  

IU’s Japanese debut single will be released on March 21. Check out a short clip of IU’s Japanese showcase below!