FT Island Unleashes MV Teaser for "Severely"

Yesterday, we reported about FT Island‘s comeback being imminent with the release of their new mini-album jacket photo. And today, a 13 second preview teaser was revealed on KBS “Music Bank.

Shortly after, FNC Music added the MV teaser for FT Island’s latest single “Severely” to FT Island’s official youtube channel, marking the group’s official comeback.

“Severely” is a pop rock number enhanced by a beautiful piano melody and Lee Hongki‘s amazing vocals.

The music video features a plot similar to Korean dramas. Lee Hongki is sitting in a church and remembering the times spent together with his loved one. But at the end, we know that something is wrong as Hongki is holding the picture of his loved one, hinting that he attended her funeral. Then we jump back in time where he is trying to save the life of his lover just before she is hit by a car.

Will Hongki be able to save her life and change the past? We will find out on January 31!