IU’s Simple Airport Style Makes a Statement

Eighteen year old IU is turning heads with her simple, yet stylish, airport fashion. As you may know, IU held a special event in Japan on January 24. She is set to release the Japanese version of “Good Day” on March 21, marking her debut into the Japanese market. Let’s take a look at some of the pictures making the rounds online.

IU is wearing a unique hoodie. From the side it looks like a strange character. She matches it with a white shirt with a design in black and blue jean shorts, black tights and a backpack. Everything looks very appropriate for her age, and also relatively easy to copy.

The giant eye watching us is actually kind of cute. But, behind the eye is IU, looking surprisingly relaxed.

The one area that netizens have picked up on is IU’s lack of (or limited use of) make-up! Of course, IU is blessed with lovely skin and features, so she doesn’t need to cover up anything. It is nice to see that she’s comfortable showing her bare face. Many artists wear sunglasses or face masks to cover their bare or tired faces. While some netizens are debating on whether or not she’s wearing make-up, I think we can all agree that she looks great! What do you guys think of her outfit?