[Preview] MBC "We Got Married" – Jan. 28 Episode

Lee Jang Woo – Eun Jung couple will not be airing on the episode of “We Got Married” airing on Jan 28. We ask for the viewers understanding.

Lee Teuk♡Sora: Love is destined to change (?)

Fighting Junior’s “We Had a Meeting.” After the guys have had a chance to show off their charms, it’s now the ladies’ turn to show off their cute charms in return. Sae Na claims that she has been studying how to be cute but what appears is a bear that causes everyone watching to fall into shock. What was this bear about?

It’s now time to make their first decision. Lee Teuk & Sora gathers up the guys’ and ladies’ first and second choices. They then use these results to decide.Who will be the first couple?  

Fighting Junior and the ladies have arrived at their second date meeting location. They decide to hold an immense two verses two bowling match, with the teams made up of the couples chosen in the 1st selection. The 4 couples become very competitive. They all concentrate seriously on the match. The couple that comes 1st will be given a special present. What is this present that cause everyone to be amazed?

Now it’s time for the ladies to show off their dance skills. The 4 ladies each show off a different charm to try and win the hearts of the Fighting Junior members. Pure, cute, sexy and bewitching, what will the princesses’ performances be like? Following on is a new type of musical skit performed by the Fighting Junior members, what will this performance be like?

It’s finally time to make their final decisions. Fighting Junior starts off and they have to call the lady that won their hearts. The fates and hearts of the 8 Guys and Ladies begin to conflict each other. How will this meeting end?

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