Clear Up Your Skin with 2NE1’s Dara

Sandara Park put on a lovable performance for the cosmetic brand Etude House’s video. The video, which was uploaded to Etude House’s official YouTube page, features Sandara Park doing a skin care tutorial. It’s not just any tutorial, however. Sandara Park makes a lot of cute faces and dances along with SHINee’s original song for Etude House. The video has seven basic steps to getting clear skin:

1. Shake (the bottle) up and down
2. Sprinkle some liquid on the powder puff
3. Gently blot your face
4. Mist your face
5. Put your hands in a V-shape and pat your face
6. Wrap your hands around your face
7. Have clear skin

Take a look at the video here. The video itself is a lot cuter than my explaination!