SNSD Jessica’s Only Confident with Her Left Face?

SNSD’s Jessica has caused some online debate recently because of her tendency to reveal the left side of her face more often on TV appearances.

On January 27, several screenshots of Jessica’s appearance on KBS “Wild Romance” were posted under the title, “Jessica, the girl that only shows her left side throughout the drama.” In the photos, you can clearly see that Jessica prefers her left face, as most of her scenes only focused on the left side of her face.

In fact, this is reported to be quite well-known among SNSD fans. Because of the slight difference in size between her left and right chin, Jessica is known to have preferred taking photos or videos from the left side.

Netizens commented, “Did she request it to the camera crew?” “How bad can it be? She looks beautiful from both sides,” and “Hard to believe she only showed her left face.”