Lee Ki Kwang’s Shocking Past Pictures

BEAST’s Lee Ki Kwang is garnering attention for his past pictures.

Three pictures were recently uploaded on an online community website with the title, “Lee Ki Kwang’s Shocking Past Pictures.”

The pictures show Lee Ki Kwang in his high school days. His cute lips and small face have not changed a bit but his different hairstyle displays a contrasting feel compared to today.

One picture shows him sitting down looking sullen and wearing frameless glasses with a tacky hairstyle. Another shows his hairstyle displaying that of an ostrich’s egg yet portrays a fresh feel. His shy smile is also still identical to the present’s idol star in the picture where he is wearing a baseball cap.

Fans and netizens who saw these past pictures reacted with diverse responses, saying, “Lee Ki Kwang’s past pictures are very shocking,” “His tacky hairstyle is cute,” “I am disappointed by his past pictures,” and “I will even love his past appearance.”