New Albums and Singles Preview – 2012 January Week 4

FT Island mini-album Vol. 4 – Grown-Up (Jan. 31)

01 Severely
02 Even Lost a Friend
03 I’m a Fool
04 All Grown-up Man…
05 Wish You’d Be My Lover

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FT Island returns more mature than ever with their fourth mini-album, “Grown-Up”. The title track is “Severely”, a Kim Do Hun and Lee Sang Ho composition. Penned by Han Sung Ho, this song is about being in misery for being unable to let go of a past lover. Also included in the album is “I’m a Fool” which incorporates beautiful guitar riffs in the bridge section of the song.


Block B mini-album Vol. 2 – Welcome To The Block (Feb. 2)

01 Lol
02 Go Crazy
03 Did You Do It or Not
04 100% in Synch
05 Action
06 Go Crazy (Inst)

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The hip-hop idols, Block B have returned with their second mini-album titled, “Welcome to the Block”. The title track is “Go Crazy” which was composed and penned by leader Zico, along with intro track, “LOL” and “Did You Do It Or Not”. Ken Louise who is known for working with top artists such as Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Eminem, and Mariah Carey, is responsible for being the engineer for this track.


Led Apple – single album – Time Is Up (Feb. 2)

01 Intro
02 Time is Up
03 Time is Up INST

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Visual band, Led Apple returns with a new single album titled, “Time is Up”. The title track is of the same name and is about a man who feels pain and anxiety after confessing his love, due to a lack of response from the girl.


Brian – Reborn, Part 1 (released)

01 Throw You Away (feat. Tiger JK)
02 Can’t Stop (feat. Park Jaebum, Beenzino)
03 Don’t Tell Me I’m Wrong (Duet Jade Valerie)
04 Let This Die (Extended Eng. Version) (feat. Flowsik if Aziatix)
05 Can’t Stop (Eng. Version) (Feat. Jay Park, Dumbfoundead)
06 Domino (Acoustic Version)
07 Throw You Away (INST)

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Brian returns with part one of his “Reborn” series. The main theme this time around is “collaboration based on authentic music”. The album starts off with the title track, “Throw You Away” which features Tiger JK. The song was composed by Jeff Hoeppner, who has also written f(x)’s “Pinocchio”. The beautiful piano melody heard from the start of the song is key to this Brit-pop number. Also included in the album is “Can’t Stop” a trendy number composed and penned by Jay Park himself. There are English versions of “Throw You Away” and “Can’t Stop” for overseas fans.


Sweet Sorrow Vol. 3 – Viva (Jan. 31)

01 Enjoy Your Harmony
02 Viva! (feat. Lee Sora)
03 First Date
04 Would You Do It With Me
05 Will Sing (feat. Lucid Fall)
06 Dear
07 Interlude
08 Adventurer
09 Dark Circles (feat. Park Myung Soo)
10 Okay, Farewell
11 Good Night
12 Viva! Reprise
13 Lucky (feat. Oh Ji Eun, Jung Jun Il, Peppertones) (Bonus Track)

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Vocal group, Sweet Sorrow returns this year with their third full-length album. There are thirteen tracks in this album, all of which were composed and penned by the members themselves. This album will mark their eighth year anniversary since their debut and is expected to contain upgraded music. The title track is “Viva” and it was composed and penned by member Kim Young Soo. The song is about the happiness one feels after realizing and finding love. The song features Korea’s top veteran musician, Lee Sora.


B2ST (single) – Knew It’d Be Like This (released)

01 Knew It’d Be Like This

B2ST releases a brand new single for their world tour, Beautiful Show. The song title is “Knew It’d Be Like This” and it is of the R&B, hip-hop genre. The song was composed by Rado and B2ST’s own Yong Jun Hyung took part in the song as well. The repetitive guitar and drum beats make this song charming, The song holds lyrics about saying harsh words to a girl who has left him for another man.


Other Releases:
SE7EN – 2nd Mini Album: Somebody Else (Jan. 31)
B.A.P – Warrior (Jan. 31)
Caramel Espresso – Me Without You (Feb. 2)
Eaeon – Guilt-free (Feb. 2)
Buga Kingz – A Decade (Feb. 2)
Jerry.K – Love Story (Feb. 2)

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