Super Junior’s Leeteuk Reveals He’s Workaholic

Super Junior‘s leader Leeteuk made a striking confession which made more than one concerned.

On January 27, the Super Junior member tweeted, “Resting is a source of stress to me. I don’t even know what there’s to do about it.”

He continued by saying, “Work addiction. Is there a way to treat this?” and added “It’s more serious than I thought, it’s driving me crazy. I get depressed when I don’t work. It feels like I’m going crazy. I should probably go on a trip to the beach.”

He then quoted psychologist Harish Shetty, “There is a common factor about workaholics. Most of them are young and single and tend to keep away from their families and friends. Because they feel at home at the office, they even tend to spend their own free time at the office rather than at home.”

Leeteuk tweeted a few minutes later, “While working hard and being passionate for one’s work is something necessary in life for them, workaholics tend to be so immersed in work that they soon start to neglect their social life, families and friends. At this point, they aren’t gaining anything more from their working life. However, the equilibrium between work and rest is even more necessary. If one’s life is driven and controlled by work only, as opposed to a life that drives work further, at this point life can never be beautiful.”

Fans have been worried by Leeteuk’s tweets and asked him what happened for him to reveal this.