Busy Year for T-ara: "No Time to Rest"

Considering the fact that they’ve been running nonstop since their comeback last summer, it’s no wonder T-ara has a few qualms about their busy schedules. 

T-ara’s Soyeon, Hyomin, and Boram made an appearance on a cable TV show on January 27 and honestly confessed their feelings when asked if they had anything in particular to say to their company CEO. 

Soyeon gave a look of determination to the camera before saying, “Since our debut, we haven’t had a break that we could fully enjoy. More recently, over the past year, we haven’t been able to rest one day at all.” 

MC Kim Gura asked if there were any differences in the individual schedules between the members, to which the three replied, “Even at this very moment, the other members are attending to other schedules. There’s not one member that rests, and every day there’s a new schedule.” 

Netizens couldn’t help but sympathize with the busy girls, leaving comments like, “They do look quite tired,” “They’re amazing for their age,” “Health is the most important thing, they need to rest,” “It means that T-ara is just that much more popular,” “They have the right to complain more considering their schedule load,” and “Imagine their managers, then.”