SNSD’s Yuri Says Farewell on "Music Core"

SNSD‘s Yuri has unfortunately announced that she will be departing from her MCing duties on MBC’s “Show! Music Core” due to her busy schedule with her new drama, “Fashion King.”

The January 28 episode was the final episode featuring Yuri beside fellow member Tiffany. During their MCing segment, Tiffany turned to the camera to announce, “I have one unfortunate news, and it’s that this will be Yuri’s final episode on ‘Music Core’ due to her drama schedule.” 

With tears in her eyes, Yuri continued, “It’s really upsetting to leave the show because I’ve grown so attached to it. But where there is a break up, there is also a new meeting and beginning, so I promise to come greet you again with an improved image. Please don’t forget me even though we are apart.” 

She added, “I’ll come running whenever you guys call me. Please continue to give your love to ‘Music Core.'” 
Tiffany consoled Yuri with a bouqet, allowing Yuri time to gain her composure before going on to give the ending comments. 

A replacement has not yet been announced, but Yuri will surely be missed!