Boom and Suzy Transform Into “Boom-Sook and Su-Hyuk”

Miss A’s Suzy has recently transformed herself into a bad boy.

On January 27, Boom tweeted the following with a picture of themselves, “Boomzy vs. Suzy. Who is prettier? The forever pretty Suzy and Boom-Sook wearing a school uniform. Suzy is transformed into Su-Hyuk?” (The name Sook is usually used for a female name and the name Hyuk is usually used for a male name).

The picture shows Boom and Suzy wearing old school uniforms. Boom is wearing a wig and tries out the feminine look by also placing his hand gently on his face. On the other hand, Suzy is wearing her cap sideways and is showing her arrogant masculine side by looking aggressively into the camera.

Amused netizens commented, “Both Boom-Sook and Suzy look great” and “You two look so close together”.
Meanwhile, Suzy and Boom are both hosting KBS 2TV’s “Invincible Youth 2” which is aired every Saturday night at 11:05PM (KST).