Kahi and Kim Jung Tae Perform Trouble Maker Dance for "Dream High 2"

Two new still cuts of KBS‘s upcoming drama, “Dream High 2,” were revealed today featuring Girin Arts High School’s two instructors, Kim Jung Tae and After School‘s Kahi.  The two were involved in Trouble Maker‘s steamy sexy dance.

Wearing matching outfits in brown colors, the still cuts show Kim Jung Tae, who plays the role of the cold, business-minded teacher named Lee Kang Chul, and Kahi, who plays the role of the strict dance teacher named Hyun Ji Soo. 

Kahi’s known as one of the best dancers in Korea so the dance comes to her with ease, which shows in her sexy and confident facial expressions. In contrast, Kim Jung Tae is looking a bit rigid but nevertheless serious, adding a bit of humor to the shots. 

According to officials on set, Kim Jung Tae felt a bit awkward performing the dance but followed along well to Kahi’s lead. Staff couldn’t help but laugh at how cute he looked fumbling around with the moves, especially since his character requires him to be strict. 

This is just one of the many dance battles that will take place, so be sure not to miss out on January 31.