Is BEAST Better at Singing Ballads?

BEAST has shown another side of them by displaying strong ballad skills through their latest single, “I Knew It.”

Currently, BEAST’s new single “I Knew It” topped major music charts and is ranked at #1, 2 and 3 on Melon, Mnet, and Bugs, respectively. The track is actually closely following the OST of MBC’s hit drama, “The Moon that Embraces the Sun.”

The single which is only an OST song immediately swept music charts when it was released on January 26, proving that BEAST is also strong at singing ballads. Three days later, “I Knew It” was still doing strong on the charts and managed to maintain its position in the top three which shows BEAST’s strength, not only among fans, but also among the general public. Also, last year, BEAST’s strongest hit song on the charts wasn’t pop track “Fiction” but  the ballad “On Rainy Days.”

The song was released before the main single “Fiction” of their first album “Fiction and Fact” and managed to do better on charts. It also won first place on KBS “Music Bank.” It was revealed that the song was very strong in digital sales and did better than “Fiction,” which was the lead single of BEAST’s album.

BEAST had already impressed as a “performance” group. Vocal-wise, Yoseob is the one who caught the attention for being a skilled vocalist. BEAST’s skills regarding ballads come as a surprise, especially for idols.

A representative of the group revealed, “It seems that there are more than one member in BEAST who are able to showcase their strong vocals and colors as singers through ballads, for example, Yoon Doojoon. This in fact, makes it possible for the members to show off their vocals with ballads. The response was also good regarding Yong Junhyung who told the story through his rap. Rather than traditional ballads, it seems that BEAST found their own color through ballads that only they are able to sing.”

You can watch the music video for “I Knew It” below.