SNSD’s Jessica Accused of Chin Surgery?

SNSD’s Jessica has been recently accused of plastic surgery on her chin.

On January 27, on an online community forum, there was a post titled “SNSD’s Jessica suspect for chin surgery,” along with various photos of her.

The post shows photos of Jessica during her years as an SNSD member, observing her (allegedly) significantly changed appearance over the years, specifically her chin. One photo from SNSD’s promotions for “Run Devil Run” shows the bone of her chin protruding out, giving a distinct angle to it. However, a photo from more recent promotions for “Hoot” shows that the bone has disappeared, leaving a more curved chin. Compared to her “Gee” days, Jessica’s current appearance seems to be much different.

The writer commented, “In the past, her chin had a slight angle to it because of the bone,” and “Right now, the bone from her ear to her chin has disappeared, making her chin appear smaller.” The writer even posted photos showing her chin more clearly, going on to explain that “You have to shave off this much from her past photos to resemble her chin now.”

Viewers responded with comments, “Pretty sure if it’s not Photoshop, it’s surgery,” “I thought something was different about her, it was her chin?” “Wow…I’m not even surprised,” “These people don’t know anything about Jessica,” and “We still love her.”

Jessica is currently playing the role of the character of Lee Dong Wook’s first love, Kang Jong Hee in KBS 2TV’s drama, “Wild Romance.”

What do you think? Has her chin changed so much that it could be suspected as plastic surgery?