SNSD’s Jessica and Lee Dong Wook: 21cm Difference in Height

A couple photo of SNSD’s Jessica and actor Lee Dong Wook was revealed.

On January 28, Jessica posted a photo on SNSD’s official website, with “This is Jessica~ How will Park Moo Yul and Kang Jong Hee end up?”

In the photo, Jessica and Lee Dong Wook are shown standing next to each other, giving off the appearance of a couple. Jessica looks very lovely in a flowery dress and red knitted sweater. Jessica (163cm) is shown looking up at Lee Dong Wook (184cm) with a cute expression on her face, receiving attention for the great height difference of 21cm.

Netizens responded with comments like “So jealous of how good they look together,” “Jessica’s so cute,” “I feel good just looking at them,” “A favorable height difference,” “Lee Dong Wook’s face is so clear. It’s whiter than Jessica’s,” and “Please don’t date each other.”

Jessica is currently playing the role of Kang Jong Hee, the past girlfriend of Park Moo Yul (Lee Dong Wook) in KBS TV’s drama, “Wild Romance.”