Sung Yuri’s New Drama “Feast of the Gods” Releases Trailers and Posters

It has been quiet on the promotion radar, but Sung Yuri’s new drama, “Feast of the Gods” is set to air this coming weekend.

“Feast of the Gods” stars Sung Yuri, Joo Sang Wook (“Giant”), Lee Sang Woo (“Thousand Days’ Promise”), and Seo Hyun Jin (“The Duo”) in a story set in a restaurant that specializes in traditional Korean cuisine that used to be only served to the king. Sung Yuri plays “Joo Young,” who’s naturally talented in cooking, while Seo Hyun Jin plays her rival, “In Joo,” who in contrast has to work very hard for her skills. Their parents, played by veteran actresses, Jun In Hwa and Kim Bo Hyun are also rivals in the business. Lee Sang Woo plays “Do Yoon,” while Joo Sang Wook plays “Jae Ha,” and both are rivals for the love of Sung Yuri.

Three posters have been released showing the main characters and the restaurant background. It also beautifully displays Korean cuisine.

Feast of the Gods poster 1

Feast of the Gods poster 2

Feast of the Gods poster 3

Two trailers have been released and both have very different tones. While the first one emphasizes humor and light-heartedness, the second trailer is more dramatic.

 The drama airs this coming Saturday, February 4 on MBC.