IU’s Funny Explanation of Jjamppong on Japanese TV

On January 26, IU made her first Japanese TV appearance on a show called “Hot@Asia.”

In the show IU showed her singing skills together with a good Japanese and also a very nice explanation of “Jjamppong” which became a hot topic between Korean Netizens. 

For those who do not know much about Korean food, “Jjamppong” and “Jjajangmyeon” are the two main menu items served in Korean Chinese restaurants, that everybody should try at least once in their lives. 

During the interview, IU talked about her debut and main charateristics of her music style and the chat moved on the topic “food.” The “Hot@Asia”‘s MC asked IU “I would like you to explain what the food in the photo is, we asked the staff what your favourite food is and we got a picture of it” showing a photo of “Jjamppong.” 

IU answered like it was a very difficult question, saying “It is a red food. By any chance, do you know the Korean food Jjajangmyeon?” and after she added “Well, Jjamppong is Jjajangmyeon’s friend.” Another guest explained to the confused MC that Jjamppong is a dish from the Korean Chinese Cuisine. 

IU, during her first Japanese TV show appearence, surely tried her best to interact and entertain the Japanese show’s MC with her rough but fluent Japanese and she successfully obtained a good response starting from Japanese adults viewers, who praised her “three-level booster” skill. 

Korean netizens commented “She is so cute” and they wished her to be successful in Japan as well. IU’s first Japanese album will be released on March 21.