Actor Choi Min Sik Joins Uncle Fans of SNSD

Actor Choi Min Sik better get in line, as he’s decided to join the long, long list of uncle fans of SNSD! 

On the January 28 episode of KBS’s “Entertainment Relay,” Choi Min Sik was interviewed on his upcoming film, “Nameless Gangster.” The topic of SNSD was coincidentally brought up, and the actor couldn’t hide his love for the girls, freely declaring that he is indeed their fan. 

With a smile, he and Ha Jung Woo claimed, “If you don’t love SNSD, who else could you love? If SNSD were to ask me to tell them my wish, I’d tell them right away!”

Choi Min Sik continued, “I’d love to eat a meal with SNSD one day. Let’s grab a meal with Jung Oppa. Soondae stew and a shot of soju on a cold winter night. How’s that sound?”