BEAST’ Yong Junhyung Asleep on the Floor

Although undeniable excitement rippled across the world when BEAST announced their world tour, many fans still couldn’t help but worry over the boys’ health because it meant triple the work load for the group. 

Their concerns became reality when Yoseob tweeted a picture of rapper Jun Hyung completely wiped out on the floor, sleeping out of fatigue. 

On January 30, Yoseob tweeted, “He left the studio in the morning and rehearsed with the band as well as the choreography before downing an energy drink. He still couldn’t hold out and eventually fell asleep on the floor. He’s gone to another individual schedule now. Please find strength, Yong Jun Hyung.” 

Sound asleep on the floor, fans immediately noticed the energy drink beside him and couldn’t help but express their concerns over his already weak health having to rely on unhealthy supplements. 

Netizens commented, “He’s completely passed out from his killer schedules,” “How can you rehearse every day without rest? Please find strength,” “The difficult road to becoming a Hallyu star… it may be difficult, but please find a bit more strength.”