After School As Models for Samantha Thavasa

After School was chosen as models for the hand bag brand “Samantha Thavasa.” Within South Korea, Samantha Thavasa is well known as a brand that visitors to Japan will purchase. The brand is highly popular in New York, Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. After School will also take charge for the background music of the commercial film. The song for the commercial “Just in time” is a part of the first album.

A representative of Samantha Thavasa stated that After School’s powerful and energetic charms have a good synergy with Samantha Thavasa’s loveliness. The representative also stated that the 8 members each have their own charms. It is being said that filming for the commercial was successful because of the friendly atmosphere.

The After School commercials will be seen through the Samantha Thavasa official facebook and blog.

On January 25, After School launched the Japanese single “Rambling Girls.” Their first official album “PLAYGIRLZ” will be launched on March 7. After the launch, After School will begin their Japanese tour in April.