JYJ’s Theatrical Release of “The Day” Cancelled

As we reported earlier, on February 9 JYJ’s documentary “The Day” was supposed to be shown in 20 different CGV movie theaters. However, due to contractual issues from the theater’s side, the theatrical release has been cancelled. (Originally, the documentary was to air on television but there were several problems that occurred pushing the release to be theatrical instead.)

On January 30, C-Jes Entertainment (JYJ’s Agency) stated “We are informing you that unfortunately, the theatrical release of the JYJ documentary is cancelled. First of all we apologize to fans for reneging on our promise.”

JYJ’s agency stated “On December 2011, we had an initial agreement. Then on January 16 we had a second meeting. Then on January 19 a press release was sent out that reviews over the contract were finished. We received a contract with a seal on it, January 20. However, on January 20, we received a call from CGV that the final approval was not given and that the contract had to be done all over again.”

JYJ’s agency stated that they will seek out legal measures against CGV for breach of contract.