Lee Seung Gi’s Worst Birthday Experience on "1 Night 2 Days"

Lee Seung Gi cried tears of pain rather than joy on his birthday on KBS “1 Night 2 Days.” On January 29, the second part of “Five Fishing Boats” special aired and each of the five “1 Night 2 Days” members went on five different kinds of fishing boats. 

Uhm Tae Woong went on board to capture squids, Kim Jong Min to fish red sea-breams, Eun Ji Won to capture monkfish, Lee Soo Geun to fish snow crabs, and Lee Seung Gi went to trawl octopuses. Kim Jong Min, Lee Soo Geun, and Lee Seung Gi had to struggle through extreme nausea due to unusually high tides. Kim Jong Min had especially tough times dealing with his seasickness and so did many staff members of “1 Night 2 Days.” 

Lee Soo Geun was also flustered by the wild tides. He showed concerns when he witnessed staff on his snow crab fishing fleet, including female producer Yoo Jung Ah, could barely stand up straight due to motion sickness. He commented, “Yoo Jung Ah producer’s already passed out and the camera director might be knocked out, too. In which case, we won’t be able to continue filming.”

Lee Seung Gi, whose birthday was on the day of filming “Five Fishing Boats Special,” showed tears while trying to maintain his composure. He tried his best to continue filming in the middle of three meter high tides and strong winds, but soon expressed extreme pain due to seasickness. His face went pale at first and eventually had tears in his eyes. He complained, “Really? On my birthday? This is the first time to get a cramp in my stomach.”