Park Han Byul for H&T

The actress Park Han Byul who is also well known for dating Se7en was chosen as the model for H&T in 2012. A marketing manager of H&T Kim Sang Bum stated, “The reason why we chose Park Han Byul is because she has a healthy and bright image but also sexiness.”

With the start of the S/S photoshoot Park Han Byul will begin her modeling for H&T. She will also be a large part of the “Keep Pet” campaign.

Park Han Byul stated, “I have always had a great interest in fashion. I am so happy that I get to be a model for the trendy H&T. I believe this will be a meaningful experience because I will also be able to join in on good campaigns besides modeling.”

Currently Park Han Byul is an actress on MBN’s “Bolder By the Day.”