Kara’s Kang Ji Young and SISTAR’s Bora Turn into Funny Clowns

Kara’s Kang Ji Young and SISTAR’s Bora’s funny clown-like picture is drawing attention on the web. On January 29, Kang Ji Young posted a picture on twitter (@kkangjji) along with a comment, “This is so embarrassing, but we tried our best in this freezing cold weather. Please consider our efforts. But this is really embarrassing. Anyhow, this is to celebrate that I made Bora laugh!” 

In the revealed picture, Kang Ji Young is making a funny face with a runny nose and a huge mole drawn on her face. Next to her is Bora pouting. Bora is also wearing funny makeup and costume in this picture: she has a bald-headed wig on and big lips and freckles drawn on her face. These funny clown-like makeup of Kang Ji Young and Bora is from “Invincible Youth 2.” They were given a mission to make an elderly comedian, Lim Ha Ryong, laugh. 

Netizens commented, “Are girl groups allowed to do this?” “Love the makeup,” “I laughed out loud when I saw this,” “this is shocking,” and “it’s funnier because pretty girls did it.” 

Kang Ji Young and Bora