Uee’s Transformation Into a Fallen Angel

In the most recent episode of “Ojakgyo Brothers,” Uee went through a 180 degree transformation into a “fallen angel” in the process of dealing with her unwanted breakup with Joo Won.  

On the 52nd episode of “Ojakgyo Brothers,” Ja Eun (played by Uee) had a difficult time dealing with her unwanted breakup with Tae Hee (played by Joo Won). Previously cute and lively, Ja Eun was nowhere to be found. Instead, the sullen, “fallen angel” Ja Eun was dealing with a broken heart on her own.

She stopped eating properly and just stayed inside of a dark room. Ja Eun’s dad In Ho (played by Lee Young Ha) tried his best to make Ja Eun feel better, but was not successful. Ja Eun put on thick makeup and went out to drink her sorrow away and she was soon found completely drunk at a club.

Uee’s portrayal of Ja Eun’s deeply wounded soul aroused sympathy in viewers. Viewers commented, “Ja Eun’s unsuccessful attempts in dealing with a broken heart broke my heart” and “Uee dancing drunk at a club was sexy and yet so sad.”