Yang Hyun Suk, founder and chairman of YG Entertainment, is reported to have reached out to comedian Jung Hyung Don, following his much-publicized request for YGE to start managing comedians last week.

On January 30, Star News quoted a source from YG Entertainment as saying, “Yang Hyun Suk asked his good friend and fellow YG artist, Psy, to set a meeting with Jung Hyung Don. It’s because Psy is good friends with Jung Hyung Don.”

It continued, “Yang Hyun Suk doesn’t have any personal relationship with Jung Hyung Don, but he likes him as a fan. This meeting, too, isn’t about signing a contract or anything. It’s just his way of showing appreciation for being a fan of YGE.”

“But you never know. Something unexpected might happen following the meeting,” it added, leaving the possibility of YGE actually expanding into the comedy business as well.

During a recent episode of MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol,” Jung Hyung Don made a phone call to YGE’s headquarters and jokingly asked if they recruit comedians, since he doesn’t have an agency to represent him. Shortly after the comment was made public, Yang Hyun Suk told local media that he would positively consider signing Jung Hyung Don under contract.