JYJ Fans Organize Online Petition and Boycott of CGV

Shortly after news of JYJ’s documentary film, “The Day,” being cancelled from release due to contractual issues with CGV theaters, JYJ fans have organized an online petition and movement for boycott of all CGV theaters.

On the portal site Daum, thousands of fans at the community called “Agora” posted an online petition requesting CGV’s explanation of the issue. The petition, which is aiming for 100,000 supporters, encourage more participation of all JYJ fans by saying, “JYJ is being ostracized by a group of people. We should stop it now.” Also, some of the netizens are organizing a group boycott of all CGV theaters, which is one of the largest movie theater chains in the country. 

On January 30, JYJ’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment announced the abrupt cancellation of JYJ’s documentary film, “The Day,” citing CGV’s unexplained breach of contract. CGV addressed the issue saying, “C-JeS released the press release and announced the deal before the contract was finalized.”

However, Baek Chang Suk, the head of C-JeS, said, “Such illegal and nonsensical incident happens to JYJ two to three times a week. We’re not even sure if we can fight these big companies, but in order to prevent the 2nd or 3rd victim, we will continue to fight in this absurd and unfair environment.”