Dal Shabet’s Serri Issues Official Apology for Recent Fandom Controversies

Dal Shabet‘s Serri was unfortunately swept up in some fandom controversy between her fandom and B1A4‘s fandom. A few weeks ago, we reported that the police had to step in due to hateful rumors between B1A4 and Dal Shabet fans.

Recently, she issued an official apology through Happy Face Entertainment for asking B1A4 fans to restrain from spreading unfounded rumors through her Me2day. 

Her official apology says,

“Hello? This is Dal Shabet’s Serri. 

This is my first time leaving a post like this on our official homepage so I’m shaking now. It’s been a little over a year since our Dal Shabet debuted, and I think that we worked hard, looking only forward. 

It’s all because of your love that this was possible, so thank you so much for that. 

The reason I’m greeting you all through our homepage like this is because I’d like to apologize towards the people that were hurt by a few things that were said over the year-end. 

Dal Shabet hasn’t debuted that long ago so we made a lot of mistakes while trying to find our place in 2011. Most importantly, I forgot that I was a public figure that communicates with the public audience. I was just so worried at the time of people misunderstanding me that I singled out a specific fandom and asked them not to misunderstand me. I think that hurt a lot of people, which I apologize for. 

We’re still new to fandom culture so we weren’t able to think ahead enough to know that so many people would be hurt. My heart felt very heavy after I acted out in such a manner. 

I’m not sure how I’ll be able to reach out to all of you, but that is why even though it’s not the best, I am leaving this post carefully here. 

I apologize in a bow once again for the people I hurt with my careless actions. I’m really sorry. I’ll work hard to mature and to always be grateful for my fans. 

Thank you for loving Dal Shabet and supporting us. I’ll be a hard working Serri. Please take care of yourself from colds and support ‘Hit U.’ Thank you always.” 

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