Wonder Girls Speak on the Set of "The Wonder Girls" Movie

The Wonder Girls are currently preparing their U.S debut and promoting their Teen Nick movie “The Wonder Girls.”

Popular teen fansite Fanlala interviewed the girls on the set of their movie. The five ladies revealed the behind the scenes of their movie, which is to premiere February 2.

At the time of the video, the members were in the midst of shooting the movie and also told Fanlala about how excited they were to meet their Korean fans. They talked about acting, dancing and the themes revolving around the movie.

Lim explained, “It’s basically about us coming to America with our love and passion for music, and also we get to perform on stage at the apollo for a reason I can’t tell you right now. It’s all about friendship, love, sisterhood, passion, music and rivals.”

Ye Eun added, “We always had interest in acting, and then we’ve taken a lot of classes including acting, and you know singing and dancing.”

Finally, Sunye revealed, “Basically so many things are going on at the same but we are really excited because the U.S album is going to be a full album for the first time.”

Check out the video below to find out what the girls had to say!