After School Uee’s Backpack on "Ojakgyo Brothers" Sparks Interest for Expensive Price

After School Uee’s “farm fashion” is being scrutinized in the KBS drama, “Ojakgyo Brothers.” This is because her fashion was deemed too luxurious to be worn at a farm.

On January 25, tvN’s “Issue” aired some footage that carefully analyzed Uee’s fashion in the drama. In the drama, after Uee’s (playing the role of Baek Ja Eun) father went missing, she had to visit the farm. Uee’s “farm fashion” was a hot topic, especially since she is known to be a fashionista.

Many of Uee’s clothes and accessories are very expensive items. First, when she went to the duck farm, she was wearing a backpack that cost around $500 USD. It’s almost ten times as expensive as the average backpack. Also, Uee’s padded jacket on the farm was estimated to be around $688 USD.

Finally, during the scene when Uee talks with her missing father, she wears a mustang jacket that cost around $3,000 USD. The scrutiny began since the scene was about trying to find her father along with her property and her expensive items didn’t fit too well with the context of the scenes.

Meanwhile, “Ojakgyo Brothers” claimed the number one spot for the weekend drama viewership ratings on January 29 with 33%.