Se7en Reveals Picture of Final Editing for New MV "When I Can’t Sing"

On January 30, Se7en revealed a twitter photo of the final editing process with his new music video for “When I Can’t Sing.” He wrote “Currently in the final editing process of ‘When I Can’t Sing.’ Came out real good. Tomorrow the music and music video will be revealed at 12am.”

In the posted picture, Se7en is shown making a peace sign while he is watching the editing process of the music video. We get to see one scene of the music video itself.

Netizens commented, “I am anticipating the music video” and “I look forward to your busy activities.”

As we reported earlier, one exciting aspect of Se7en’s new album is the fact that one of the songs is collaboration with JYP. Besides performances, this is the first time that a “collaboration in terms of producing songs” has occurred.

(Here is a translation of the lyrics)

“If I lost everything”

“If my popularity declined”

“If I couldn’t sing anymore”

“If I got another job”

“Could you continue loving me, just for who I am”